How we do it?
According to your request, we will provide the resumes of technicians who possess the relevant technologies and skill-sets you require. This process will best meet your pre-defined criteria and can be additionally interviewed by you before launching new projects.

We will provide a period of trial development work to help you know our developers' capability and decide whether going on for a long term partnership with us or not.

Our competitive pricing is quoted on an monthly rate for engineers according to the technical level, programming expertise required, and the project scope.

At the commencement of new strategic partnerships, when the service begins, we can communicate directly by email, instant messenger, or telephone, so that the offshore team members can respond promptly working in conjunction with your team. You can control the progress of the offshore team by web-based project management tools. We can submit daily or weekly progress reports tailored to customer needs. We allow you to build your offshore facilities one cubicle at a time - you can always add or reduce staff. As a turn-key solution we provide facilities, human resources, recruitment, payroll, and inclusive services for all offshore team members.
Project Initiation process
Project Initiation Process
What You Need To Do:
Effective collaboration gets twice the result with half the effort. In order to create a successful bridge between us, we need the following minimum prerequisites:
Documented project specification or the detailed requirement about what you want.
Open communication through e-mail, chat or telephone.
Your periodical feedback about our work.
What We Provide You:
At least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of developing work.
Hardware and software infrastructure.
A favourable development environment
Guaranteeing timely communication and mutual collaboration.
Project regular meeting, daily and weekly working report are available.
Complete and well documents written in English.
Strict delivery time.