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Client Project Technology
theory-test-logo Website design/ enhancements/ Support ASP,XML/XSL, Flash ,Action Script, Javascript, DHTML, SQL Server/MS Access
Website design/ enhancements/ Support ASP.net,XML/XSL, AJAX, Flash ,Action Script, Javascript, DHTML, SQL Server/MS Access
Website design/ enhancements/ Support ASP.net, Flash, Action Script, Javascript, DHTML, SQL Server/MS Access
Websitedesign/ enhancements/ Support ASP.net, Javascript, DHTML, SQL Server
impelPro_logo UPM (United Pig Marketing) Web project ASP, VBScript, HTML, XML/XSL, SQL Server 7.0,,java Script, OLAP

Client Project Technology
CapGemini-logo QME Informatica 7.1,  Oracle PL/SQL, Business Objects  and legacy source systems and Unix
Motorola  Global Servicing Oracle 9i, Informatica 5.1, Oracle Apps ,Business Objects and legacy source systems, Customized Apps (MClaims,ACE etc.), Unix
OneView Off invoice Discount Oracle 8i,Infomatica Applications, Business Objects , Oracle Apps 11.0.3(OE,AP,AR,GL),Unix
norwichunion-logo Ex-GA Informatica 6.1 , Oracle PL/SQL, Business Objects and Mainframe systems and Unix
OneView ROAM Mx Oracle 8i,Infomatica Applications, Oracle Apps 11.0.3,Unix
OneView PHS Oracle 8i,Infomatica Applications,i2 DP, Oracle Apps 11.0.3, Unix
norwichunion-logo Asset Share Informatica 6.1 , Oracle PL/SQL, Business Objects and legacy source systems and Unix
Informatica OneView Oracle 8i,Infomatica Applications eCRM, Business Objects, Oracle Apps 11.0.3,Unix
Wiser Application Oracle 8i PL/SQL ,Oracle Apps 11.0.3,Unix
NU LFTP Project Informatica 6.1 , Oracle PL/SQL, Business Objects and Life/Insurance source systems and Unix

Client Project Technology
Product design / enhancements/ Support VB.net, MS Access, Windows media player
impelPro_logo Report Conversion Application Visual Basic
impelPro_logo TRS –IV Enhancement and Excel Report Utility VB 6.0, Oracle8i, Excel, OO40, Windows NT
Time Industries, Mumbai Time Attendance System VB, Oracle, MS Access
impelPro_logo NMR-Impelpro /Movement, U.K VB 5.0, MsAccess-97, Crystal Report 6.5,Windows 95/98/NT
impelPro_logo NMR-Training Record System (NMR-TRS), U.K VB 6.0, Oracle8 PL/SQL, OO40, Windows NT

Project Name Project Details
theory-test.co.uk Theory-test is a complete resource for Driving Standard Agency (DSA) official theory test exam preparation.
This online solution is designed using ASP,XML/XSL, Flash ,Action Script, Javascript, DHTML, SQL Server/MS Access.

Click www.theory-test.co.uk 

Project Name Project Details
123yum.com This database driven website is dynamically designed to receive the online orders from the user and forward them to the respective restaurants by sms, fax, email. 123-yum.com makes it easy for customers to find a restaurant, view a menu, and order food online for delivery or pick up. Resturants owners can edit and customize their menus. He can give Seasonal offers, discounts, promotional offers to the customers.

Click www123yum.com

Project Name Project Details

This website is fully developed for selling medical equipments for any hospital.The site has two module one for user and another for admin module.The site also have integrated payment gateway which accepts any type of credit card. Email notification is sent to user from admin after completion of purchase.

Click www.usaihgmedical.com 

Project Name Project Details
Citizen Test

Citizentest website’s primary objective is to help applicants pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test in their first attempt. Secondary objective is to provide information about the test and attaining naturalisation is an easy to understand plus practical way.

Project Name Project Details

Project Background

Non-SA QME and SA QME (Quality Monitoring Exercise) are activities undertaken once a year in each area, to check the quality of work done on Non-SA cases and SA Cases. Approximately 250 / 300 cases from each area will be checked. The input is done by a total of 70 users, spread over the different areas. At present the QME Report Form is used to collect the information, however no proper validation exists and there are problems processing the data.

Functional requirement

·        The system should allow the on-line completion and input of the QME Report form, QMO Analysis of Pre-Selections and Large Errors Report.

·        The system should collate all data input and then populate a SQL database

·        The system should allow reports to be produced

Responsibilities included:

§        Processing of Flat data files with more than 100 attributes

§        Initial data check and file transfer to input area using unix shell script

§        Data transformation from source to warehouse area

§        Data Transformation from warehouse to mart (Informatica  & Unix)

§        Business Objects reporting

The system also involves processing of the complex calculations given by Inland Revenue statisticians with the help of ETL tool.


Project Name Project Details

Project Background

The goal of Employer Compliance is to ensure that Employers meet their obligations of running PAYE schemes correctly and that relevant returns are submitted on time and contain accurate information, and to take appropriate action when these obligations are not met. The Employer Compliance System (ECS) is used to capture Employer Compliance information and to manage the Employer Compliance activity.

Some subject areas that have been covered in the system are listed below.

·        P35 returns

·        P11D returns

·        P11D(b) returns

·        Penalties

·        Appeals

·        Directors Remuneration

·        Employer characteristics

·        PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSA)

·        Dispensations

·        Contractors

·        Compliance Reviews

Responsibilities included:

§        Processing of 7 years worth cutover historical data sent in 64 flat files

§        Processing of 64 flat files incremental data on daily basis 

§        Data transformation from source to warehouse area to mart area

§        Business Objects reporting

The system has more than 19 BO universes based on different data marts designed for each subject area.


Project Name Project Details
Asset Share

Project Background

Asset Share for a policy is a measure of the underlying value of a policy with profits elements. Asset share calculations are required primarily for (a) Solvency Reporting, and (b) PPFM reporting. PPFM (Principles and Practises for Financial Management) is a statement that Norwich Union is required to publish detailing how with profits business will be managed. As per new government regulations, companies need to ensure that with-profits business is managed fairly for policyholders and that companies are following their published Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM). Asset share methodology and information are key to being able to demonstrate this.

Responsibilities included:

 § Processing of context data and Asset share data

§        Data transformation from Source System to Staging area

§        Data Transformation from Staging to data warehouse (Informatica  & Unix)
(Policy ON/OFF Fact and Dimension data loading)     (Oracle database)

§        Policy Aggregation using Aggregate Facts (Informatica  & Oracle Stored Procedure)

§        Error processing

§        Business Objects reporting

Asset share calculations have been used for many years for non-audited internal purposes, e.g. for setting bonus rates, for establishing realistic solvency positions for the information of the Board, setting surrender values and estimating future maturity values.

Project Name Project Details
Norwich Union Life Responsible for the design and delivery of a centralised HUB and Spoke architecture capable of generically handling feeds of financial data for transformation and aggregation to the Oracle 11i Apps General Ledger and Life Data Warehouse engines. The design utilises Informatica Powercenter 6.1 and Unix shell scripts to extract and transform complex files from multiple mainframe environments onto an Oracle 9i data warehouse platform.

§        Delivery of the Proof of Concept using Informatica PC 6.1 on Oracle 9i to process over 20 million rows per hour of complex financial transformations.

§        Working closely with business users and technical teams in a customer facing role to bring together requirements into a cohesive design whilst keeping focus on stringent timescales and external regulations.

§        Detailed design of the Informatica mappings and HUB structures to facilitate parallel ETL processes. This was done using Oracle and Informatica Partitioning technology.

§        Development of Informatica Powercenter mapping components whilst acting as the key design authority for a HUB development team.

§        Hub design and development comprised:

-         Integration of over 30 disparate source systems on varying legacy mainframe and proprietary application systems such as VSAM, Cobol, DB2, Oracle Applications.

Project Name Project Details
Ex- General Accidents After the merge of General Accidents with Aviva, 19 odd source system’s data were needed to load into HUB warehouse.The purpose of this project was to transform the mainframe data into the warehouse as per mapping document created by HUB Analyst team.Files coming from systems like OB (Other Businesses), Life70, OEXP (Other expenses) etc. were transformed into star schema structures and loaded into the data warehouse.This Ex-GA data was also required to send data in a specified format to GL and Reconciliation engine. Responsibilities included:

Client Requirement and system analysis
Creation of designed document
To ensure successful execution of all phases of the project
 (Coding, Unit testing, Implementation, UAT support, Migration to Production)

Project Name Project Details
Motorola Global Servicing Project Objectives

To do the requirement and feasibility study for designing data warehouse solution of servicing and quality data of Motorola.Application Scope

To study of Business end user requirements
To study existing source systems
To create logical dimension data model
To create solution architecture document
To estimate efforts for DWH solution

Responsibilities included:

To prepare the proposal
Client requirement and system analysis
Creation of requirement document(Defining BO reports )
Creation of solution architecture document
Creation of preliminary Design document
Creation of efforts estimation plan

Project Name Project Details
OneView Off invoice Discount
Motorola Global
Project ObjectivesTo design system for effective analysis and tracking of off invoice discount for Asia, EMEA, NA and LA.Application Scope

To customize OneView system
(Mappings/Sessions/Unix Shell script/Database objects)
To create BO universe for OID
To create Discount and Backlog BO reports

Responsibilities included:

Client requirement and system analysis
Creation of designed document
To ensure successful execution of all phases of the project
(Coding, Testing, Implementation, UAT, Migration to Production)

Project Name Project Details
Receivable Order management Administration System for Mexico(OneView ROAM Mx) Project Objectives
PCS is implementing an integrated ERP business solution that aims to consolidate several legacy systems and processes. The ROAM NA project is going to implement Oracle (version 11.03) to capture order and financial data for US, Mexico, and Canada in one Oracle instance. It will replace the Order entry and account receivable functions in the legacy systems (i.e. TCOPS, CANCOPS, GPOE/GPAR, FocusP). TCOPS will remain as the distribution system for NA and will support packing /shipping functions. Oracle OE will capture whole sales order, book and send order data to Distribution. The distribution system(s) will feed Oracle OE the shipment confirmation data when the order has been fulfilled.  Application Scope

As part of this project new extracts were developed in OneVIEW to extract the Order, Shipping and invoicing information from ROAM and hierarchy information from i2 and load it into OneVIEW. Sessions stored in the Informatica Power Center, execute daily to extract data and insert this data into the staging database. Informatica then transform this data and load into the final data warehouse tables. The scope of this project includes modification in existing Mappings/Mapplet, creation of new Mappings/Mapplets, changes in Data Model for OneView, creation of parameter file etc.Responsibilities included:

·        Creation of designed document objects)

·        Unit testing

·        Communications with Client

Project Name Project Details
Product Hierarchy Standardization (PHS)
Motorola, Global
Project ObjectivesThe document details the modifications to OneVIEW due to changes I2 DP staging database. This design is mainly concentrated around configuration for i2 – Global - Rel2 of OneVIEW. This document also gives detail about historical fix. It details the different OneVIEW objects (Mapplets/Mappings/Sessions/Tables) that must be modified in order to incorporate new format of I2 DP.Application ScopeThe scope of this project includes modification in existing Mappings/Mapplet, creation of new Mappings/Mapplets, changes in Data Model for OneView.Responsibilities included:

·        Client Requirement and system analysis

·        Creation of designed document

·        Coding (Mappings/Sessions/Database objects)

·        Unit testing

Project Name Project Details
Informatica OneView
Motorola, Global 
Project Objectives
The objective of this project is to consolidate different regions NA, LA, EMEA, ASIA into one global repository. This project also includes customization of Informatica applications for Asia specific region in order to incorporate new requirements specific to Motorola region.Application ScopeThe scope of this project includes modification in existing Mappings/Mapplet, creation of new Mappings/Mapplets, changes in Data Model for eCRM, eProcurement, eBizOps, creation of eCRM BO universe and BO reports.Responsibilities included:

·        Client Requirement and system analysis

·        Creation of designed document

·        Monitoring of the complete OneView project

Project Name Project Details
WISER Application
Motorola, Singapore
Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to provide Support and Enhancement services for WISER Extraction and Loading of data from offshore to carry out work assigned by the customer for applications hosted on their various servers as given in the list below.Application ScopeThe scope of this project could be broadly divided as follows:

-         Data Extraction(from the PRIME Oracle ERP Application using SQL scripts daily)

-         Data Loading (into relevant tables in the PRIME ODS database on daily basis. 

-         ODS Database (The PRIME ODS database is the data repository.  It contains both current and historical transactional data.  )

-         Front-end Reporting (Using BO)

-         The Application is hosted on a Sun Solaris server. Motorola has an intermediate Staging database on Oracle RDBMS.

Responsibilities included:

·        Client Requirement and system analysis

·        Database tuning

·        Coding, testing and implementation

Project Name Project Details

This is a windows application designed for driving theory-test in UK.
This user friendly application environment allows users to practice theory test and hazard perception clips.

Click www.pass-test.co.uk 

Project Name Project Details
Report Conversion Application
Motorola, Singapore 
Project Objectives

  To design Report conversion and FTP application.Application Scope

-         To Create COM VB DLL which would contain Report conversion, FTP, error handling and Email modules.

-         To create Report converter and FTP Exes

-         To Schedule these Exes using NT scheduler

                                                                                                                               Responsibilities included:

·        Client Requirement and system analysis

·        Creation of designed document

·        To ensure successful execution of all phases of the project

       (Coding,Testing,Implementation,UAT, Migration to Production)


Project Name Project Details
TRS –IV Enhancement and Excel Report UtilityNMR, U.K In this project, some more functionality related features are implemented in TRS product.
For more details about TRS, please refer to page TRS.
Also small utility is designed to export the data into the Excel file.

Project Name Project Details
UPM(United Pig Marketing) Web project
NMR-Software Solutions (NMR SS), U.K
This project is basically automates all manual transactions of pig market in UK.
It also provides interface for historical pig kill data.XML data feed utility is also designed to process historical pig kill data XML file on FTP site, which then updates historical Pig kill database. The VB Exe created is scheduled using SQL Server Schedule task so as to pick up XML files uploaded by different UPM companies on the FTP site.
This utility has been designed using VB 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, XML, SQL Server Schedule task.

Project Name Project Details
Herd Management System
NMR-Impelpro/Movement, U.K
ImpelPRO software is designed and developed by National Milk Recording Software Solutions, UK (Hereafter NMR). Currently PCS is doing enhancements in the product (Movement, Milk yield).ImpelPRO, a product developed for the Ministry of Agricultural Farm & Fisheries (MAFF) United Kingdom (UK), is a herd management package that allows farmers to run their herds and is designed to be a planning and forecasting tool. The impelPRO architecture is implemented as Shell and Addins. An Addin represents a module The impelPRO architecture has been designed so as to integrate new addins (i.e. modules) without recompiling the shell. The existing system has 3 Addins called Dairy, Animal enrolment and Milk Prediction. A new Addin called Movement was implemented by the current project. The Movement module facilitates moving an animal between holdings and herds. The special feature incorporated into the existing system by the Movement Addin was to send mails to BCMS (British cattle movement Service), MAFF (Ministry Of Agriculture Farm and Fisheries) and to HUKI (Holstein Friesian Society).Responsibilities included :

·        Project management Activities and client communications

·        Coding and implementation of functionality

·        Testing (unit, integration and random)


Project Name Project Details
Training Recording System
NMR-Training Record System (NMR-TRS), U.K
This system has been developed to manage the staff training needs and assessment of competencies for all staff at Huntington UK sites, and across all disciplines, to ensure compliance with regulatory and client requirements. The five major areas of functionality were:

§        Security and access

§        Maintenance of reference information

§        Personal Training Record

§        Archiving

§        Reports

The scope of the project was as follows:

-         The scrambling and unscrambling procedures for database access had to be removed and replaced with Oracle stored procedures

-         Converted Oracle 7 objects (OO40 version7.1) into Oracle 8 objects. (OO40 version 8)

-         Used resource files for messages

-         Created Install Set through Install Shield Express

Responsibilities included:

·        Requirement and estimation studies

·        The scrambling and unscrambling procedures for database access has to be removed and replaced with stored procedures

·        Convert Oracle 7 objects into Oracle 8 objects.

·        Use resource files for messages

·        Create Install Set through Express Install Shield


Project Name Project Details
Attendance System
Time Industries
This system processes machine data that comes from Punch card machine (RAC 900).
It is basically customized Time and Attendance recording System.
The System consists of following Events.

-         Machine DBF processing.

-         Leave application processing

-         Early Late processing

-         Over Time processing